High quality instruction for low scores on the course

Through our Ventana Canyon Professional Golf Instructors, you can feel better-equipped with the necessary skills to play better golf and maximize your enjoyment of the game. Using digital video, launch monitor analysis, and proven teaching methods, our award-winning PGA professionals will encourage you to develop both your physical and mental aspects of the game.

You’ll be given the personalized attention and coaching needed to increase your potential, regardless of your level. All instruction can be enjoyed individually or groups. Multiple day and custom programs can be designed to fit your specific needs.

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1. Private Instruction

If there is a part of your game that needs specific attention, schedule an hour or half-hour session with one of our PGA professionals to get you back on track.

2. Playing Lessons

Having trouble translating skills into scores? Take a playing lesson and learn course management, shot selection strategy, and mental techniques that can help shave off a few strokes. We will also take an opportunity to brush up on your rules and etiquette as well.

3. Group Instruction

Gather your friends and family members for one or two days of group golf instruction with Arizona’s #1 AimPoint instructor, Gordon Bennett. AimPoint is a tour-proven green reading methodology allowing any golfer to read greens like a pro.

4. Club Fitting

Golf equipment has changed dramatically over the past few years. Playing with poor-fitting equipment can make your game a struggle. A proper-fitting set of clubs, however, can help you maximize your skill level and better enjoy the game. Any golfer, regardless of ability, can benefit from custom club fitting, whether you need a new set or adjustments to your existing ones. By using the FlightScope X3 or Trackman III launch monitor, the most advanced Doppler radar tracking for golf, we provide the most accurate data and thus, the best fit custom clubs. Our staff are certified fitters for Titleist, Ping, and Callaway equipment.

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Meet Our Instructors

Susie Meyers

Susie Meyers

PGA – Independent Instructor

Susie Meyers has been a golf instructor and coach at Ventana Canyon since 1993 and a member of the PGA for 15 years. She is a former All American at the University of Arizona, played on the LPGA Tour and has been named Golf for Women Magazine Top 50 Instructor. She has been a guest speaker for the Gateway PGA in St. Louis, the Golf Federation of Chile, the Italian PGA and at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit. Susie, along with Mike Hebron, co-created Neurogolf Learning; Brain Compatible Improvement, which is a brain-based approach for improving one’s golf game. Susie provides and supports a learning and developing environment; she believes golfers are not broken in need of fixing, but rather on a journey of development.

Carl Allen

Carl Allen

PGA – 2016 Southwest Section Teacher of the Year


Flight-scope certified, Ping certified club fitter

Teaching Philosophy

As a Golfer and Instructor, Carl genuinely believes we are at our best when we are enjoying what we do. Therefore, he wants our lessons to be fun learning experiences. He also believes that there is no “perfect” in a golf swing. Even the best players in the world have swing flaws. The goal in a golf lesson is to uncover and work on one or two things that will ultimately make the game a little easier and more fun to play. Carl always want you to feel that you can take what we work on directly to the golf course. Changes in a golf swing are also only worthwhile if you as the student understand how a golf shot should look and feel if those changes are applied correctly. A first swing or short game lesson will always include a review of set up fundamentals (Grip, Alignment and Posture). Working on solid contact and ‘impact zone’ essentials always comes first.

Gordan Bennett

Gordon Bennett


Gordon is a teaching professional who specializes in green reading, putting, and the short game. One of 300 AimPoint certified instructors world-wide and the only certified instructor in southern Arizona, Gordon spent 25 years as an Air Force aviator before attending law school and practicing as a Deputy County Attorney. Gordon played competitively for the University of Portland (Oregon) and represented the military in numerous tournaments throughout his Air Force career. In addition to teaching AimPoint, Gordon is BodiTrak, K-Vest, Titleist Performance Institute, and Putt Doctor-certified, a Callaway Master Club fitter and staff professional.

Learn more about AimPoint instruction HERE.

Staff Instructors

  • Kevin Christian, PGA Assistant Professional
  • Jesse Crowe, PGA Assistant Professional
  • Nick Latta, PGA Apprentice
  • Zach Phillips, PGA Apprentice